Foretaste, touch the limit and exceed it. This is the purpose of our everyday job, go where no one has gone before to offer you new and extraordinary sensations that a common beer never gave you.

This is our way to face new challenges, we have plan to impress you with new creations with intense and unique flavours: bitterness never reach before, IBU beyond 200 units, beers we call “Double” and “Triple” IPA.
Beers with ABV near to Zero, but with an intense hop aroma that will astonish you. And just because the pleasure of a great beer is really for everyone, we are working on a Gluten Free beer: 0% Gluten, 100% Taste.

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Herbal IPA


Triple IPA


1. Herbal ipa
Always looking for new challenges, we are creating our first IBU 0 IPA. No hops, but a herbal “Gruit” from an ancient recipe unearthed after long researches, that we are still fine tuning. Follow us to keep you updated on the availability of this ancient IPA revised with modern tastes. For those who are always looking for something new.
2. Triple ipa
Experience is our watchword. We want to reach the limit of hops usage. In this triple IPA we want to exceed IBU 250. We’re working on, and the results are promising really well. Follow us and you will soon have news about the availability of this new limits challenge. For IPA lovers only.